Humane Society International has rescued 23 dogs from becoming food in South Korea. The first group of dogs arrived in Washington D.C. last week, and the second group is scheduled to arrive later this week. As a part of a campaign to end the cruelty of the dog meat trade internationally, HSI worked with the farmer to remove the dogs from their awful conditions on his farm and end his participation in the dog meat industry. They did make an arrangement for this farmer, though. According to HSI, the farmer will now grow crops, most likely blueberries, as opposed to raising dogs for the meat industry, a much more humane way of generating income.

HSI has been working with groups in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and other asian countries to raise awareness of the cruelty involved in the dog meat trade.


“It’s estimated that 1.2 to 2 million dogs are consumed annually in Korea,” said Kelly O’Meara, director for Humane Society International’s companion animal-related international projects. Though HSI says it it doesn’t object the consumption of dog meat, only the cruelty that is rampant in the industry. “Animals on dog meat farms typically live in overcrowded cages that are exposed to the elements and receive very little care or food,” O’Meara stated.

These conditions seem terrible when we think about our dogs at home suffering in that way. Unfortunately, animals in the U.S. are also suffering from overcrowding, exposure to the elements and more forms of cruelty. Cows, pigs, and chickens, though not normally thought of as cute and cuddly, are regularly subjected to terrible abuse at the hands of our meat industry.

All the adorable, South Korean dogs will undergo veterinary checks and have a chance to relax for a week or so before they are sent to five different shelters in the D.C. area, including the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Then they will be up for adoption, going to loving homes.

“By helping these 23 dogs, we’ll be helping a lot of other dogs in South Korea,” said Megan Webb, executive director of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. By raising public awareness of the dog meat trade in the countries where is is occurring and in the U.S., the demand will hopefully begin to slow and become less of a problem.


Maybe by understanding the cruelty behind the dog meat industry, people will begin to understand the cruelty of the meat industry as a whole. For the time being, these 23 dogs are the luckiest pups around, and are going to enjoy life in happy, caring homes. It is definitely a success in ended cruelty by HSI.

Volunteers from the Humane Society International helped a farmer close the doors of his dog meat farm.

The dogs were living in terrible conditions.

The farmer expressed a fondness for dogs, and decided to start growing crops as a more humane method of farming.

The dogs were happy to escape the horrible living conditions.

The first group arrived in Washington D.C. last week.

The second group will arrive later this week.

After vet checks, all 23 dogs will be up for adoption in the D.C. area.

All Image source: HSI