When a dog comes into your life, everything changes. Whether you realize it or not, every day that you spend with your new four-legged best friend they leave tiny paw prints on all your memories and start to mark their place in your heart. So when the day comes that you have to say goodbye to this special friend, it is always an immensely devastating experience for the entire family.

For three-year-old Luke Westbrook, the experience of saying goodbye to his beagle Moe was a hard one. To help Luke cope with the loss of their family pet, his mom Mary Westbrook decided to take up writing letters to Moe with her son. Every few weeks Mary and Luke sit down and write a message for Moe. And, of course, since there is no tricking a three-year-old, Mary “mails” the letter every time to “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.”


Mary usually puts the letter out in the mailbox then retrieves it before the mail carrier comes to pick it up. One day, however, she forgot to get the letter and much to her surprise, got a response!

The note was left in an unstamped envelope with “From Moe” written on the front. Inside was a sweet little message from “Moe.”

“The kindness of this stranger gutted me. I’ll give the note to Luke tonight, but I’m keeping it by my desk for now,” Mary writes on Distinction HR, “Moe came into my life 13 years ago and he made things more complicated and smelly — but also, well, wonderful. I still miss him every day. Receiving the note reminded me of the goodness of people and just how big a small gesture can really be. Here’s to Moe, in doggie heaven, and thoughtful postal workers everywhere.”

Rest in peace, Moe.

All image source: Mary Westbrook/ Distinction HR