Tango the dog suffered unimaginably after a group of cruel humans strapped fireworks to his tail and set them off. We’re all thinking the same thing: who on earth would ever want to do such a horrific thing to a dog? Well, sadly for Tango there are people who would do that. Thankfully, there are also some pretty amazing people who came to his rescue and saved his life!

His organs were literally exposed after the injury making his hope for survival extremely slim. But the dedicated staff who oversaw his surgery at Let’s Adopt International were able to help Tango and give him a second chance at life.


Let’s Adopt International wasted no time getting to work on poor Tango’s injuries. 

Poor Tango looked so anxious before surgery.

It took hours to give this pup a fighting chance at life. 

In spite of what he’s faced, Tango came out of the operating room as one of the friendliest dogs anybody could ever meet.

Thankfully, he was able to make a full recovery and find the forever home that every dog deserves!

See the happy conclusion to Tango’s story below!




All image source: Let’s Adopt International