Sometimes rescue teams stumble upon animals so gravely injured that they have to make difficult decisions. Is it worth putting a poor creature through hours of surgery to possibly die afterwards? Should they just be spared and laid to rest? Animal Aid Unlimited, known for going above and beyond for stray and injured animals on the streets of India, were confronted with this immensely difficult choice when they received an urgent call about a dog who had gotten hit by a train.

When they arrived they found Deepak, the pup, next to the tracks with severe damage on his paws. 

Five hours of surgery and three amputations later, and Deepak started his recovery! Thankfully, his friends at Animal Aid are more than willing to carry him everywhere he needs to go.

After six months and a lot of love and care, Deepak is completely transformed! 

He nuzzles…

He plays with the other dogs…

…he even swims!

Deepak is living proof that a little compassion can go a long way.

We can’t imagine the difficulty Animal Aid faced when they found this dog in such terrible condition. But we sure are glad they decided to give him a chance! After all, stray dogs don’t choose this life. To learn more about Animal Aid’s life-changing work, check out their website!

All Images Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube