Animal Aid Unlimited, a stray dog rescue organization located in India, is used to saving animals in desperate need of care, but nothing could have prepared them for this particular rescue.

The rescue team found a dog at the bottom of a pit, where he had gone to die. The dog, which they named Kalu, was missing a large part of his skull and from what they could tell, one of his eyes as well. Covered in dirt and maggots, his wound had mostly likely been infected for a long time.


In most cases, a dog like Kalu would be euthanized because of the enormity of their suffering. However, moments from euthanasia, something about Kalu’s spirit convinced rescuers to fight for his life with everything they had.

This is where Kalu was found.

With a large wound that exposed his skull, Kalu had most likely crawled into the pit to die alone. 

But rescuers would not let him die. Something about Kalu’s spirit told them that they needed to give this dog a chance. 

After a procedure to remove the maggots and clean the wound, rescuers made sure that he was always comfortable. After three days, started to eat from the hand of a rescuer.

After five days, Kalu’s left eye appeared.

And three months later…

…Kalu would not have lived if not for Animal Aid Unlimited! But just look at him now! 

Although this dog might have given up on life, rescuers never gave up on him.


Kalu’s amazing recovery teaches us that even animals who have experienced the worst forms of trauma can go on to live happy lives with a little help from kind people.


To see the full video of Kalu’s incredible rescue, watch below. Be warned, the images of his injuries are very graphic:

All image source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube