Charlie, the dog who lived in Highbridge Park and Fort Tryon Park for 10 years before being rescued by Upper Manhattan citizens, has finally found a forever home.

Charlie, also known as Ricky, has been under close supervision by Manhattan residents, like Denise Lauffer, Yuliya Avezbakiyeva and professional dog walker Tina Ilmet, for as long as they can remember. They said the decision to take him in and care for him was not an easy one — they didn’t want to remove him from his home as much as he didn’t want to leave, but it was becoming a matter of life and death.


They fed Charlie and checked in on him whenever they passed by the parks.


Lauffer even slept in the Highbridge Park to try to bond with him.


But one day the residents noticed that Charlie had stopped eating, and Lauffer thought that he might be having problems with his hips. Temperatures were also dropping as low as nine degrees Fahrenheit!


Finally, these kind neighbors got Charlie to hop into a van. They took him to a veterinarian, who said he was lethargic and dehydrated, but that he’s been improving.


Lauffer, another dog walker, started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for Charlie’s medical bills. So far, it’s raised more than $16,000. Charlie has worms and a tumor on one of his testicles and joint pain.

Now, Ilmet will be Charlie’s loving guardian. And, lucky for him, her apartment building has an elevator, so those old bones won’t have to climb any stairs.


Though Avezbakiyeva and the rest of Charlie’s adopted family have mixed feelings about seeing him indoors, they know it’s for the best and that Ilmet will spoil him forever.

It’s no doubt that Charlie will always have visitors. Lauffer, who has been recognized by PETA for her efforts with Charlie, has already visited him multiple times a day to take him out for walks.


And it’s no doubt that Charlie will continue to be loved by people all over New York, and around the world. Enjoy your new home, buddy!


All image source: Denise Lauffer/Facebook