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Source: Leave No Paws Behind, Inc

Thanks to the awesome organization Leave No Paws Behind Inc. (LNPB), a precious old Shih Tzu is on her way to starting a new life. A life where she will be safe, loved, and never forgotten again.

It all started when Frank Wisneski heard a faint whimpering that led him to her kennel. She had just arrived at the shelter a few days before and was no doubt, scared and confused. She didn’t have a name yet and was suffering from a host of medical issues. This is the type of lost and sad souls LNPB team looks for, however.

During the holiday season, while many pets are enjoying their families and participating in holiday festivities, there are others that have nothing and no one. LNPB makes it their mission to search for these innocent animals and fill their lives with purpose and love. With that in mind, the little Shih Tzu was given a name, Nicole. In a few days, the shelter will release her to the wonderful folks at LNPB and she will start her new life.

LNPB posted on their Facebook page that Nicole is going to be seen by The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks once she is in their care. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see this sweet girl living the good life- finally safe, healthy, and loved.

If you are interested in becoming a foster for animals in need, email: [email protected]

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