As every canine lover knows, there are few lengths that a dog will not go to when expressing their loyalty and devotion to a much-loved human friend. They have been known to save lives, offer solace in times of grief, and travel great distances to be reunited with those they love. The story of Shavi, a Russian dog who traveled an unbelievable distance of two hundred miles to find the woman who first rescued her, is bound to leave you amazed!

We advise you to get those hankies ready, Green Monsters because this one is sure to touch your heart.



Last winter, Shavi had been living as a street dog in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, when she was injured in a hit-and-run accident. The terrified pooch was rescued by a woman named Nina Baranovskya, who agreed to foster her and nurse her back to health. During their time together, Nina provided Shavi with basic training and taught her how to walk again.

Recalling the moment they first met, she said, “After the anesthesia, when she saw me, she raised her weary eyes and timidly licked my hand.”

The pair spent six happy months together and became the best of friends.


However, Nina was unable to give Shavi a long-term home, as her apartment was too small, and she had too many work and family commitments demanding her attention. She searched for a suitable home for her beloved friend and finally found one in the region of Voronezh Oblast, almost 200 miles away from Rostov-on-Don.

Nina believed that this new rural location, where Shavi would have plenty of space to run and play, would be the best option for her.



Bu, a few days after moving to her new home, Shavi escaped. Two weeks after this incident, Nina was walking down the street when she felt something brush against her leg – and it was Shavi! Nina reportedly “burst into tears” on being reunited with her old friend … and so did Shavi.

“Most people don’t notice that dogs can laugh and cry, too,” Nina said. “Or maybe they don’t want to see.”


Following this, everyone involved accepted that Nina and Shavi were made for each other. The entire family are now living in a bigger apartment, where Shavi has the space she needs to thrive.

“Of course, she has (now) remained with us for good,” Nina declared emphatically. “I would never give this kind of friend away again. Animals are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world. For every drop of human love, they are willing to give all of theirs in return, and I know that from personal experience. Shavi is like a child to me.”


While many people, moved by this incredible, heartwarming story, have offered Nina and her family money, she has declined all offers. “If you really want to help,” she explained, “I beg you, don’t ignore animals that need your help. I never grow tired of repeating this – animals are the most devoted and loving creatures. They need our love and care.”

Sniff … don’t you just love a happy ending, Green Monsters?




All image source: Komsomolskaya Pravda