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To most of us, our companion animals are as precious to us as children. Whether they claw the arm of our couch to shreds, chew our favorite slippers because they looked like a rad new dog toy, or have an accident on the carpet, we let bygones be bygones and forgive them. In our eyes, they can do no wrong. We also cannot imagine not sharing our beds with them and sometimes we even share the food we eat — as long as it’s not toxic to them, of course. There’s a reason that when we tell stories about cats and dogs getting adopted that we say they’ve found their forever family — that’s just the way it should be.

Sadly, not all animals, even those who get adopted, are blessed with a family who truly loves and respects them for what they are. Boo, the dog in the photo below, once had a family. When his family moved away, they left their unwanted belongings on the curb, which tells us that that is exactly how they saw poor Boo — as a belonging, rather than a being. Maybe it’s the fact that animals cannot communicate on the same level as us that makes it easy for so many humans to show a blatant disregard for their well-being. But regardless of whether or not they can emote like us or verbally express their feelings, there is no excuse to ever, ever leave them to fend for themselves. Lucky for Boo, he was found by people who do care.

Liz Marie posted this photo on Facebook and wrote, “Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely.”

When This Dog's Family Moved and Left Their Unwanted Belongings on the Curb, He Stayed There and Waited With It


It breaks our hearts to know that as each hour crept by, Boo waited for his former family to come back. We can only imagine the pain and confusion in his heart as he wondered why they emptied out his home and disappeared. But thanks to Mike Diesel, the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, Boo won’t spend another day sleeping on an old, unwanted mattress. He now has a chance at finding his true forever family.

If you’re interested in adopting Boo, please contact [email protected] or get in touch with the Groesbeck Animal Hospital.

If you are considering welcoming an animal companion in your life, always adopt and never shop, but please also consider these tips. Our animals deserve the very best and it’s up to us to give it to them.

Lead image source: Liz Marie/Facebook