Dogs are known as man’s best friend – they’re our loyal, furry companions, who we can always count on when we come home. And they count on us just as much as we do on them. Anyone who has ever had a dog, knows that their unconditional love is truly admirable. That’s why this story of a loyal dog who lost his human touches our hearts.

For more than two weeks, a loyal German Shepherd has been wandering around a Houston apartment complex, patiently waiting for his guardian’s return. But tragically, his human isn’t coming back.


The dog’s guardian, along with a store clerk, were killed during an armed robbery at a convenience store earlier this month, ABC News reported. Without any explanation or understanding of what has happened, this poor dog was left confused and abandoned. Neighbors said that the dog has been waiting at the door of his former home, hoping for the man’s return.

Residents of the apartment complex said that he would follow the cars in the parking lot, on a hopeless search for his best friend. However, this dog has not been left alone.

Once neighbors learned what had happened to the man, they began leaving the dog food and water at his doorstep. However, the timid animal wouldn’t come close to anyone trying to help him. The neighbors then took to social media for help.

Dog-lover Maranda Perez stepped up. She visited the German Shepherd with her own dog and slowly gained his trust for nearly an hour. Eventually, he warmed up enough for Perez to be able to put him in her car. “It just broke my heart to hear that the poor animal lost his owner, his best friend,” she told the local news station.


Perez has been caring for the dog, but he will soon be taken in by the victim’s brother, who has agreed to make this pup a part of his family.  We are so pleased to know that this sweet dog will spend the rest of his days with a family who loved his human as much as he did.

Seeing the amazing display of kindness and compassion that the neighborhood showed for this pup reminds us that we can all help animals in similar situations. If you ever come across an abandoned pet, or furry friend in need, follow these steps and give a call to your local no-kill animal shelter to help them find a forever home.