Great strides have been made recently in laws pertaining to breeding companion animals, with California being the first state to ban the commercial sale of animals from “puppy mills” and other irresponsible breeders, and a number of municipalities doing the same. However, thanks to the Internet, breeders are still able to conduct their exploitative business and use defenseless animals for a profit.

Beauties and Beasts, Inc., a volunteer-run animal rescue non-profit organization in Wichita, Kansas, recently took in a female Pit Bull who was used as a breeding machine.


They found the Pit Bull, who they named Iris, on Craigslist. She was being given away because she was deemed no longer profitable for the breeder.

Iris had been neglected, her bones were jutting out, and she was covered in excrement.

But this sweet lady’s luck quickly changed, and she now enjoys days out on the town with volunteers from the rescue!

This pampered pooch visited the pet store on a recent outing where she got to sniff around and pick a new favorite toy.

Iris sure is happy to leave behind her old life and start anew — that smile says it all!


Iris is still awaiting her forever home. She does not get along with cats and is selective about dogs, so she would best be suited for a household where she is the only animal. If you are interested in adopting her, visit the Beauties and Beasts Facebook page.


Sadly, this is not an isolated case, as millions of animals enter shelters across the U.S. every year, with over 2 million of them being euthanized, often for reasons like lack of space or resources. Here is where you can make a huge difference by fostering. Fostering not only clears up space at shelters for more abandoned animals, it also gives valuable one-on-one time to foster animals and prepares them for their future forever homes. To learn more about how you can become involved in fostering, check this out.

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All Image Source: Beauties and Beasts, Inc.