Rusty, the dog has only been in his new forever home for only two months, but he’s already a member of the family — he even got his very own holiday photo shoot! While Rusty has settled in nicely with his new forever family, unfortunately, his life wasn’t always so cheerful.

Rusty was rescued from an abusive situation. According to his human, this poor puppy was used as a “punching bag,” and even shot by his previous owner, and the sweet dog is still recovering from that trauma. But thanks to his new kind family, Rusty’s days will be merry and bright! His human’s secret Santa even sent Rusty $150 worth of dog treats. How’s that for some holiday cheer?


Rusty, look at the camera!

Almost there! Just look a little bit cuter…

Awwwww! HE’S SO CUTE!!



If you’re dazzled by Rusty’s adorable Christmas portrait and want to do the same with your four-legged companion and some tinsel, keep this in mins. Cats and dogs are like us — they like shiny things, but unlike us, they might try to eat those shiny things, so keep a close eye on them!

All image source: gasmaskeurade/Imgur