We love our pets and would do anything to protect them no matter what, however, sometimes there are circumstances that prohibit us from being able to do this, like in the case of natural disaster. While we can never fully prepare for disaster situations, it is imperative to take some precautions to make sure our pets are safe in the event of a natural disaster by coming up with a plan. Failing to prepare not only puts your pets safety at risk but also your own. But Mother Nature is unpredictable so what happens when planning only goes so far? Well, lucky for us there are many amazing people who can come to the rescue. When a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Norcia, Italy, a dog was buried alive in the rubble of a collapsed building.

Incredibly the dog was found alive under the rubble where Italian firefighters spotted the dog’s legs. 

The dog miraculously survived the 6.6 earthquake and was carefully rescued.

Thanks to a lot of patience and delicate maneuvering, rescuers were able to free the pup’s head.

Once he was out of the tight, likely painful spot, the dog got some food and water. We can only imagine how relieved he must have felt!




This pup was very lucky to have the compassionate firefighters rescue him from the destruction of the earthquake and this story serves as a good reminder for pet guardians to take a few steps to prepare if there is an emergency situation. Always make sure your pet is microchipped and consider buying a pet rescue sign for your front door. If your pet is alone in the house during a disaster, a pet rescue sign is a great way to inform the right personnel. While we can never be prepared for everything nature might throw at us, we can at least take comfort in knowing we have a plan!