Sadly, stories like this happen all over the world but this past week tragedy struck in Clinton, Iowa where Xena, a spunky Jack Russell terrier was found on the side of the road, bruised and beaten with ropes tied around her neck and feet.

Xena went missing last Friday and was found on the side of the road by Samantha Ryan. Xena was taken to Clinton County Humane Society where her guardian, Victoria Lewandowski was contacted and shocked to learn the condition of their beloved dog. 


Xena’s eyes and ears were bloodied among other signs of being brutalized, maimed and starved. According to the Clinton County Humane Society, this is not the first time this has happened in the area, prompting local animal lovers to take action.


Long time friend of Lewandowski, Shelley Denning, has filed a police report and funds have been raised to offer an award to help find the monsters that harmed Xena. 



Xena’s story has also led local animal lovers to start an organization to help spread awareness about animal cruelty called, Xena’s Warriors Against Animal Cruelty.  The page already has over 300 likes and is growing quickly. Xena’s owner reports that while Xena will need laser surgery, she is expected to make a full recovery.


To find out more about Xena’s Warriors Against Animal Cruelty, visit their Facebook page here.

All images sourced: Xena’s Warriors Against Animal Cruelty/Facebook