Guardians of Rescue took in a beautiful dog who was found tied up and abandoned in terrible humid heat. Left without even a bit of shade, the dog was forced to sit in the sun and helplessly wait for help. Fortunately, he was found by a person who knew they had to act right away. Thanks to their intervention, the dog is now safe and on his way to recovery.

The thoughtlessly abandoned dog has injuries on his ears and is infested with fleas and ticks.


“He was left to die,” the rescuers write, ”no longer wanted, but not just tossed like we generally see, instead tied so that he couldn’t escape, leaving him vulnerable for human cruelty, to be grabbed for bait, or defenseless against any animal attack.”

When the police were notified by the person who found the dog, they were going to take the animal to a shelter. Before that could happen, a Redland Rockpit Abandoned Dog Project volunteer came across the situation and contacted Guardians of Rescue.

The rescuers stepped in right away and saved the dog. He was then taken to the veterinary hospital where his ears and extreme flea and tick infestation will be treated.


“So many horrible things could have happened to this friendly dog because Miami-Dade County does nothing to stop abandonment,” the rescuers write about the case that fortunately ended happily. Now, this sweet dog is finally safe and the team taking care of him will do everything to find him the happy life he deserves.

You can help Guardians of Rescue save more lives by donating via the rescue’s website.

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All image source: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook