A stray dog survived the unthinkable in Fenghuang County, China. The pup was wandering along a busy stretch of highway and dashed straight into the road only to get hit by a speeding car. The car’s driver, Mr. Zhang, was completely caught off-guard by the dog and had no time to stop the car before the collision.

Talking about the incident, Mr Zhang, explained, “I was driving pretty quickly at the time so when I hit the dog, I thought it had either died or run away, so I didn’t get out of the car to check.”


After driving for a few miles, Mr. Zhang began to hear what sounded like a barking dog, so he stopped the car to inspect … and found the dog, unharmed, lodged in his car’s bumper.

Not wanting to harm the dog, Mr. Zhang decided to take the stuck pup to a vet clinic. “There was some distance between the dog and the water tank and its body was held tightly by the bumper,” Zhang explained to Daily Mail, “I didn’t dare to extricate it by myself. I thought it should be safe there, so I drove it all the way back to Loudi.”

The dog traveled 250 miles lodged in the car. When Zhang finally arrived at the vet clinic, it took the team of veterinarians to extract the frightened pup from the bumper.

Amazingly, the dog only sustained a few minor cuts in the entire ordeal. Understandably, the pup was in shock, but after some proper care, he bounced back just fine and has since been adopted by Mr. Zhang!


While this story ends on a happy note, we have to ask whether Mr. Zhang should really have the dog after hitting him and then not stopping the car? According to sources, the pair are now inseparable, but as animal lovers, we have to question if he made the right choice in not making sure the dog was alright after the initial collision. What do you think Green Monsters?

All image source: ImageChina/REX