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There is no such thing as reading too many rescue stories. Sometimes, we start watching videos on the Hope For Paws YouTube channel and before we know it, two hours have passed by — oops, but not really. No matter how many dog rescue videos we watch, they all inevitably bring us to tears. It’s really inconvenient when this happens in a public space and you have to casually pretend that there’s something in your eye and you’re not crying about dogs while you’re on the treadmill (true story).

But rescue videos are good for more than just making us feel feelings. Not only do they showcase the amazing things that an animal rescue is doing, but they can also teach us what to do if we’re ever in a situation where a homeless animal needs our help. If it weren’t for Hope For Paws‘ social media presence, Bailey, the dog in the photos below, might never have had a chance.

Bailey was found by two German tourists who were crossing the desert. When they spotted this sick pup, they knew that they had to pause their travels to save his life. 

Bailey was so frightened it took them an hour to convince him to get into their rental car. They realized that Hope For Paws wasn’t far away – they had seen many of the rescue’s videos – so they gave them a call.

Thanks to their quick thinking, Bailey was treated for Sarcoptic Mange, Demodectic mange, and several infections and parasites. After a nice, warm bath, Bailey wagged his tail. He was learning to trust humans.

After a lot of treatment and love, Bailey, the dog who was too scared to approach humans, has made a full recovery. It’s safe to say he has learned car rides with humans are absolutely amazing.
It’s because of all the compassionate people (like you!) who share rescue videos on social media that Bailey’s rescuers knew exactly what to do. Now, this pup is ready to find his forever family.


Bailey’s video shows us why sharing rescue videos are so important. While you may never be in a situation where you come across a homeless animal, you never know who that video on your timeline might help.

To learn more about Hope For Paws, visit their official website. If you’re interested in adopting Bailey, contact Much Love Dog Rescue.

All image source: Eldad Hagar/Flickr