When a Redditor fell ill and couldn’t care for her dog as she got well, she thought she was leaving her beloved pet with a responsible friend in Florida before she went home to Pennsylvania to stay with her parents. What she found upon her return was shocking.

“She was living in a crack house, didn’t have dog food, covered in fleas, and my friend is now an addict,” she said of the deplorable conditions her dog, Mango, was living in. Scheduled to fly home alone the next day, this precious pup’s guardian was devastated about the predicament when a kindly pilot offered something incredible. A flight home for her and Mango on a private jet, free of charge!


“My mom works at a private airport and her boss overheard her talking about the situation. It just happened that a friend of hers, who is a pilot there, was flying a family down to the area I was staying at and returning empty,” she said of her unbelievable stroke of luck. “Her boss secretly offered because she has a huge heart for dogs. So this was more for Mango (my pup) than me. I got to ride so she wouldn’t be alone.”

Faith in humanity restored!


“Pardon me, but might you be starting in-flight dinner service soon? I selected the special canine meal.”

Sleeping in the aisles mid flight is typically frowned upon, but when you’re a V.I.P (Very Important Pooch), you can kinda do whatever you want.

Getting cozy at 35,000 feet.

Now, if that isn’t a grateful face we don’t know what is.

Just watching a kindly pilot do their thing.

You gotta love a happy ending!



All image source: Imgur