Although dogs are some of our favorite animals, they face untold hardship living on the streets. In the U.S., there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats and only a small fraction of these animals will every get adopted into forever homes. Unfortunately, the situation with stray animals in other parts of the world is just as bad. The good news is that there are many kind people and organizations who work tirelessly to rescue and rehome stray animals.

Lucky for Jacqueline, the stray pup in this story from Imgur, a forever home was made possible by the kind woman who found her.


Jacqueline was found alone on the streets of Mexico. Unable to leave this poor puppy to fend for herself, a kind human welcomed Jacqueline, called Jackie for short, into their life.

According to Jackie’s new mom, this little pup was covered with fleas when she was first rescued.

Not only did she get a new home, but also a new sibling named Nanuk.


Jackie went from living alone in the streets to living the life all dogs deserve.

She may be too big for her puppy bed now, but Jackie doesn’t let that stop her from getting cozy.

A few months after rescue, she is a happy, confident pup! Look how far a little love can go!

We are so glad that Jackie is safe and sound in her new forever home. We can all make a difference to help reduce the number of homeless pets in our area by always spaying or neutering pets and choosing to adopt a rescue instead of purchasing one from a breeder.

All image source: Imgur