There is nothing that we love more than hearing stories of incredible animal lovers going above and beyond to help animals in need. This story about a group of men from Laplace, Louisiana who walked over half a mile to rescue an injured dog is certainly one of these.

The Louisiana State Police were called into action after a motorist reported seeing an injured dog alongside one of Lousiana’s major interstates. Contacting their local officers, as well as Captain Brandon from Cajun Swamp Tours, the authorities set out to find the injured pup.


Due to his familiarity with the surrounding swamps, Captain Brandon was able to help the officers navigate their way to find the dog. 

The men walked for half a mile through the Louisiana swamps before they could get close enough to catch the dog. 

Once they gained the dog’s trust, the men devised made a rope ladder and attached an ice chest to hoist the pup back over the interstate divider. The dog had a severe leg injury and was covered with puncture wounds, but he seemed incredibly grateful for help.

The dog has since been taken to St. John’s Animal Shelter where he is receiving care for his injuries. Soon he will be transferred to Furry Friends Animal Hospital for a final check up before he can go to the Jefferson SPCA for adoption.

The kind men who rescued this pup have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of his medical care. To make a donation to his recovering pooch, click here.


All image source: GoFundMe