If there was every any doubt about dogs being the most loyal and loving creatures on earth, those doubts can officially be disproved by this incredible story – humans come out looking pretty good too. Denis Malafeyev got a call about two dogs who were refusing to move from the train tracks that ran through the town of Tseglovka, Ukraine. When he got there he found that one of the dogs lay injured on the track and the other, who refused to move, was shielding him from on-coming trains. An eye-witness told him that the uninjured dog had been pressing his wounded companion to the ground and protecting him as the passing trains roared over their heads. The dogs had been there for two days.

Here is how Malafeyev found the two dogs:

And this is how the uninjured canine protected his friend.


For two whole days.

When Malafeyev approached, both the dogs seemed understandably frightened.

His first few attempts to get the dogs off the rails were unsuccessful, but eventually, he got the two pups into his car.




He brought them to a local shelter where their guardians were looking for them. After accompanying the dogs to their home to ensure they were being properly cared for, he returned home a hero. While we salute this trio for their incredible bravery, this story should also remind us to be vigilant animal guardians. Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment and a huge responsibility. If if you are ready to take on this responsibility, be sure you know how to take care of your four-legged friend(s). For more inspiring stories, check out this amazing story of a lost dog.

Images source: Denis Malafeyev/Facebook