Silly pet photos and videos are truly a cornerstone of the modern Internet. SXSW programmed a panel called Cat Cash: The Economy of Internet Videos this year, and Dogecoin is a thing now—that’s right, you can pay your bills with Internet memes.  We’ve got lolcats (remember those?), we’ve got doge, we’ve got animal capshunz, we’ve got PetTube, we’ve got Carli Davidson, Seth Casteel, and Sonya Yu. And now, we’ve got Elke Vogelsang.

Vogelsang is a self-taught professional photographer based in Hildesheim, Germany. According to Colossal, Vogelsang primarily shoots human and pet portraits, and spends her free time fooling around with her trio of rescue dogs: two Galgo Español mixes, Noodles and Scout, and one lovable mutt, Loli. Her photography perfectly captures her pups in all their goofy, adorable glory.


Vogelsang’s extracurricular puppy shoots have recently gone viral, and with good reason: these expressive, hilarious photos are sure to brighten even the dullest day. You can explore all of Vogelsang’s awesome artwork on her Facebook page, or check out a few of our favorite snapshots below: