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Pixel, the painfully adorable French Bulldog puppy is at it again. The last time we visited Pixel, he was busy trying to steal his bed back from his kitty sibling. This time, it is Pixel who is doing the thieving! Turns out this little bundle of energy is quite the comfy footwear aficionado. He is not one for high heels. He isn’t fond of ballet flats. No, this pup is truly obsessed with slippers. And he is on the hunt.

No slipper is safe from this handsome little guy. No matter where you hide your feet-warmers, Pixel is going to find them. His mom and dad’s slippers stand no chance. With all the grunting power he has, he holds on to the slippers. There is a very small chance you’ll ever convince him to hand them over. If you aren’t fond of having your slippers (or shoes, for that matter) stolen by your furry friend, there are some things you can do. First, never use shoes, old or new, as a toy for your pup. They’ll never be able to tell the difference between “good” and “bad” shoes. Second, if you find your pup chewing a shoe, say “uh-oh” loudly, take the shoe and quickly replace it with an acceptable chew toy. After a few times, your pup will realize what is off-limits to chew!

Pixel enjoys the slipper so much, though, why would you ever want to stop him?