When Caitlyn the Staffordshire bull terrier mix was first found by a South Carolina resident she was in a terrible state. The poor 15-month-old dog had electrical tape tightly wrapped around her muzzle and it had cut off all circulation to her nose and tongue. Although vets estimate the tape had only been there for 48 hours, the damage that it had done was extensive.


Thankfully, the person who found Caitlyn immediately contacted the authorities and she was rushed to the Charleston Animal Society. Despite the abuse and trauma she has suffered, Caitlyn is making amazing strides towards recovery with the help of her kind caretakers.

The man responsible for doing this to Caitlyn, William Leonard Dodson, has been arrested on a felony charge of animal torture and his current bail is set at $50,000. Additionally, another dog in Dodson’s care has since been removed from his possession and the court records show that he will not be able to have any animals in the future. We can only hope that Leonard’s final sentence will be suited to the severity of this crime.

Caitlyn is now strong enough to eat and drink on her own and with a little time and lots of love, we are sure she will be ready to find a new, loving forever home soon.

Image source: Charleston Animal Society