When the Stray Rescue of St. Louis team first learned about Annie, they saw a hopeless-looking little dog kept in truly heartbreaking conditions, surrounded by squalor, and desperate for help. She was terrified and it seemed like nothing could make her truly happy again – but after she was rescued, everything changed. Now, Annie is enjoying a completely new life.

Annie was kept in someone’s yard, with little space and no proper care. Her rear leg was deformed, she was very dirty, and, in the rescuers’ words, “just broken down.”


Once she was at the rescue, everyone quickly began to see just how precious Annie really was and soon “fell so in love in with her.” “Her kind and gentle soul won us all over, one by one,” the team wrote. Annie turned out to be incredibly friendly and playful – she loved every single dog she met and loved to play.

She soon went into a foster home, but she did not stay there very long. Just as her caretakers suspected, it did not take long her to find her real forever home.

“She is so happy and loves her fur siblings,” her foster family shared about Annie’s new home. “They even built her multiple carpeted ramps which allow her to use the doggy doors and she gets daily homemade sweet potato and chicken treats. Spoiled rotten!”


Annie survived conditions no animal should ever be kept in – but, fortunately, she was lucky enough to be found by her rescuers and begin her life all over again. Now, there is not a trace of the old sad Annie left and she is finally enjoying her life to the fullest.

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All image source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook