In Gaston County, North Carolina, a neighbor came across a severely neglected dog who was fenced off in a kennel with no access to water or food. The animal was visibly malnourished and in a state so alarming that she could not use her hind legs. The neighbor took a video of the suffering dog and later posted it to social media for the post to soon be shared hundreds of times. Thanks to the attention brought to the cruelly treated dog, Gaston County Animal Control stepped in and took control of the animal – who is now recovering at the FurBabies Animal Rescue.

In the video posted on Facebook, the dog was dragging herself around the cage without using her back legs. She was emaciated and visibly robbed of the most basic care, left alone outside the house. 

After learning about the dog, animal control officers went to check the situation, WBTV reports. The person responsible surrendered the dog immediately after being cited.

Captain Steve Jentsch, with GCPD Animal Care and Enforcement, said that the man was not in a position to care for the animal.

In the morning, Daryl Strickland, the director of FurBabies Animal Rescue, received a call about the rescued dog and was asked if she could take her in. “This one was one of those that just really tore up my heart,” Strickland told WBTV.

As Strickland believed, the rescue may have come just in time to save the poor dog’s life.

The dog – now finally safe and receiving proper care – got the name Snowy. Strickland decided to keep the pup until she is fully healthy and ready to look for a forever home – which can take a few months.

To get around, Snowy is now using a special wheelchair allowing her to pull herself using just her good front legs. “It was like her ticket to freedom. She started running and playing,” said Strickland.

Snowy does extremely well on her makeshift wheelchair, but her carer hopes that one day the dog’s atrophied legs will become strong enough to carry Snowy’s weight again and let her walk on all her four paws.

The dog is also undergoing the process of slowly raising her weight – she is fed high-calorie foods and snacks in hope of her weight going back to normal. “She’s scrounging for food. She’s not trusting yet that she’s gonna get a next meal,” said Strickland.


Thanks to her rescuers and the amazing dedicated care of her foster mom, sweet Snowy is starting her life all over again. The man responsible for the shocking neglect of the dog was not named by the Gaston County police, but he was cited for animal cruelty, specifically for failing to obtain veterinary care for the animal.

If you are interested in adopting Snowy, contact the rescue via the FurBabies Animal Rescue Facebook page.

All image source: FurBabies Animal Rescue/Facebook