For many around the world, there is a distinction between human and animal, and with that distinction comes a hierarchy of value. The lives and feelings of humans are given greater weight than those of the other living creatures we share this planet with. Sadly, this leads people to mistreat or exploit animals, thinking they serve no other purpose than this. Luckily, Otoz Animals, an animal shelter in Poland, is fighting to shift this perspective. They argue that animals are written off and seen as decorative additions to the lives of the people who care for them. One of the rallying cries for this shift comes through the story of an old dog named Felix.

Felix was found by rescuers in the dead of winter. He was left out in the snow to starve. Though he had lived happily with the same family for years – they threw him away like an old pair of shoes. 

The rescuers at Otoz Animals took him in and started to nurse the old dog back to health.

They ran a full battery of tests and found that, due to neglect and poor treatment, his kidneys were failing.

Still, for the first time in his life, Felix was warm and well cared for. But his rescuers wanted more for him.

They want Felix to have the life he has always deserved, so refuse to give up on the old pup, even if that means sparing no expense on his treatments.

We can all help save Felix and restore his faith in humanity by donating to Otoz Animals.



Felix is not the only dog who has fallen victim to neglect and mistreatment. There are many animals like him that suffer at the hands of ignorant or unfeeling people. We can help educate our friends and neighbors about the proper way to care for our four-legged friends by simply starting a conversation and laying to rest the idea of human versus animal. If you see a fellow creature who is being treated the way Felix was, make sure to report it, check out these rescue hotlines for a few places that could help. Together, we can start to change the world for dogs and all other animals!

All image source: Otoz Animals