This story starts off sad, but we promise it ends with a happy ending!

Hurricane Maria‘s wrath on Puerto Rico might have been months ago, but that doesn’t mean the island isn’t still experiencing consequences. For instance, many fled their homes and often left their pets behind. With no other choice, many dogs and cats have been left trying to survive on their own. That was exactly Cinnamon’s situation. Her owners left her when they fled the hurricane, and heartbreakingly, she chased her owner’s car before eventually growing exhausted.


Cinnamon survived the hurricane by riding it out in an abandoned house. Now, months after the hurricane, she roams her neighborhood streets alone.

Locals say Cinnamon will jump on strangers’ cars to check to see if her people are inside. How sad is that!?

But Cinnamon finally got her lucky break! A volunteer from Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) was recently in San Juan helping with electrical work when he fell in love with the pup. Cinnamon will soon be coming stateside, thanks to SNARR! 


Before her flight, Cinnamon will need to be boarded and fully vetted. As you can imagine, that will cost a chunk of change (not to mention the cost of the flight itself!). If you’d like to donate towards Cinnamon’s happy ending, you can make a donation to SNARR here.

Thank you for giving Cinnamon a second chance, SNARR! We can’t wait to see Cinnamon in her new forever home.

If you’re interested in getting involved helping animals, check this out. For more information about SNARR, click here.


Image Source: Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR)/Facebook