As animal lovers, there is nothing that we love to see more than kind people coming to the aid of animals in need. Well, perhaps there is one thing that tops this incredible experience, seeing animals lend a hand to other animals! We often underestimate the ability of animals to exercise compassion and empathy for creatures outside of their own species, but there are many examples that prove animals are just as capable of this as humans.

Just take Lila the dog in this video, for example. Lila was out with her guardian in Criccieth Beach when she came across a baby harbor porpoise that had become beached on the rocks when the tide went out. She immediately started to bark to her human who rushed over to find Lila sitting diligently next to the struggling marine animal.

With a little care and patience, Lila’s guardian was able to guide the baby dolphin back out to sea safely. On YouTube, he writes that they stayed on shore to make sure the porpoise was alright and contacted the coast guard so they could let their science team know to keep an eye out.

If Lila hadn’t alerted her human to the porpoise, it could have been a disaster for this young marine animal. Thank you, Lila – and to her guardian as well for ensuring the safety of this little guy!

As an important note, do not try to help wildlife of any sort unless you are trained. Find a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!