At the beginning of May 2018, Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared the story of Carpe Diem, a beautiful five-year-old dog who had to overcome numerous health problems before he could find a new home. The dog was rescued with large and heavy tumors swinging from his hind legs and had to have urgent surgery. When he was first taken to the rescue, he had no idea who his rescuers were and where he was going, but, even though concerned, he remained sweet and decided to trust them. Now, his trust is paying off.

At the rescue, Carpe Diem received the medical care he needed. He had three of the four large tumors, two of which were cancerous, removed.

After the operation, he began to feel much better – which he did not fail to show! He got to spend a lot of time with his new friends, the rescue’s dedicated volunteers.


“Fell in love with this cuddly love bug, Carpe Diem. Man, he pulled some heart strings for sure! He is sooo handsome and a gentle giant!” Stephanie, one of the volunteers, said.


Carpe Diem is stealing hearts at the rescue and his sweet nature leaves no one indifferent. “Everyone needs a love like this in their life,” the rescue writes. We certainly hope they can find the best home possible for the dog – a foster or forever family that will snuggle with him and keep him safe!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Carpe Diem, you can find the adoption application here.

All image source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook