Dogs are undoubtedly some of our favorite animals. We love everything about them from their happy wagging tails, unconditional affection, and admirable loyalty to the people they love. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about these amazing animals and cases of abuse and neglect are quite common. The good news is that there are many kind people who are more than willing to step up and rescue animals who have been subjected to cruelty and begin to right all of the wrongs that have been done.

This is what happened when Imgur user riahriahbobiah found an extremely sick dog, named Lily, and called on Twin Cities Pet Rescue and Lightshine Canine to help her recover.


 Lily was found in a box of old car parts, and rescuers thought she was dead. When they got closer, however, the pup started thumping her tail. They immediately scooped the dog up and took her to the vet for care. 

After treatment, Lily was still extremely sore and understandably shaken up by the whole ordeal.

Sweet Lily got her very first bed and the rescue team got to work looking for a foster caretaker for her. Before she could go anywhere, they needed to ensure her mange wasn’t contagious.

A loving foster home came through, and Lily finally got the chance to live the cushy life.

Riahriahbobiah writes, “She adores humans, even after they had let her down so terribly in the beginning.”

Lily quickly became known for giving the best kisses.

This happy pup is still on the mend, but she will be off to her new loving forever home soon!

Rescues like this one prove just how far a little compassion and determination can go. With over 70 million stray animals wandering the streets in the U.S., there is no shortage of needy animals, but luckily there are countless kind people who are dedicated to giving these animals the care and attention they need.

All image source: riahriahbobiah/Imgur