This is unbelievable! Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) recently came across a very disturbing case of animal cruelty. A dog came into a local shelter after HOURS of suffering from an HVAC pipe wrapped tightly around his neck.

Volunteers at the shelter tried to remove the pipe but weren’t able, so they decided to contact SNARR for help. 

SNARR, of course, said yes, and rushed the poor dog to their partner emergency vet for treatment. 


Why would someone do this to an innocent dog!? We hope the pup has a speedy recovery and finds a new home where he is adored. 


Rushing an abused dog to the emergency vet is not cheap! If you’d like to help SNARR cover the veterinary costs for this poor pup, you can make a donation here. Even a dollar would go a long way!

While SNARR doesn’t know who did this to the dog, this is definitely animal abuse. It’s good to know the signs of animal abuse and neglect in case you ever come across such an incident. Please remember to ALWAYS speak up when you see animal abuse! For a list of hotlines that can help you, check this out.

To learn more about SNARR and the important work they do on behalf of animals, check out their website.


Image source: Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR)/Facebook