Willa, a dog recently rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, spent every day of her life on a chain that was unimaginably large. How she managed to escape this kind of life is a complete mystery, she was found on the streets of South Texas, dodging traffic but still dragging her the long chain. Now, Willa is finally safe and she is receiving much-needed care at the rescue, but she still needs some help to recover.

“Just look at the size and weight of this chain around poor Willa’s neck. Can you imagine every day of her life dragging that chain around,” the rescuers write. Even though the chain found on Willa was very hefty in itself, there was yet another zip cord attached to it, with a huge clamp that weighted her down even more …


Willa was covered in sores and gashes that were infected. She was also emaciated – clearly in need of help and kind attention, which she is receiving now.


Willa is out of danger’s way and finally free from the unbearable weight of her chain, but to recover from the cruel life she had been subjected to, she needs life-saving medical treatment. Her rescuers hope to have enough funds to be able to give her the very best medical help.

You can help Willa by donating though the rescue’s website or via PayPal to [email protected]

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook