Here’s a happy update for you on the beautiful Lilac, who was rescued by Second Chance Rescue after she was found gravely wounded and reported to animal control by a jogger.

Lilac, AKA Lambchop, broke our hearts when we heard that when the animal control officer who came to pick her up stepped out of their car, Lilac crawled out from where she had been hiding under toward them, clearly knowing she was about to be rescued. This poor little girl had been shot, and this resulted in a broken jaw. She was covered in dirt, emaciated and dehydrated, and covered in puncture marks from teeth. And above all else, she was absolutely terrified by her ordeal.


Second Chance Rescue has seen an overwhelming amount of support for Lilac, who they have also named WARRIOR FIGHTER OF THE UNIVERSE, for not giving up despite those terrible injuries, which were so severe they eventually resulted in her losing a leg on top of everything else!

But we promised you happy news, didn’t we? Well here is Lilac returning some of the love and affection given to her as she recovers.

And here is Lilac, well-dressed, wagging her tail, and adjusting to a life on three limbs!




Lindsay and Larson from The Barbie Dreamhouse Rehab visited Lilac at the Blue Pearl Specialty Center, where the pup is being hand-fed and needs a draining bag attached to her leg after surgery. Lilac is around three years old and does not deserve to be treated as she has been up to now. Second Chance Rescue is offering a $10,000 reward to find out who is responsible for shooting Lilac so that they can be charged.

Around 70 million animals are homeless in America, and only around a third of them ever find homes. Animals living on the streets face difficulties beyond hunger and needing shelter from the weather and cold; Lilac’s shooting is an indicator of just how cruel people can be.

We could not be prouder of Lilac, or more grateful to Second Chance Rescue for taking such good care of this precious little girl. Please, if you are able to help Second Chance Rescue help more dogs like Lilac, consider making a donation.

Image Source: Second Chance Rescue