When she first came to the Soi Dog Foundation, Fennik looked like the most heart-wrenching reminder of what human neglect can do to an animal. Completely abandoned by people who were supposed to be her family and carers, she was terrified and in an awful condition. Fennik’s matted fur had to be carefully removed and her injured skin needed medical treatment. Her frail and ill-treated body looked like it would never recover – but then, the seemingly impossible happened.

To see Fennik today is like looking at a completely different dog. Her fur grew back and did so in its full glory, fluffy, curly, and golden. It seems like she has a big, big smile on her face simply all the time. This little pup’s life was saved and she was entirely transformed – thanks to her rescuers, dedicated carers, and the invaluable help of the rescue’s supporters all over the world.

You can help change the lives of other dogs like Fennik by making a donation via the rescue’s website.

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