Meet Freddie, an adorable boy who is absolutely going to steal your heart! This beautiful Pit-Mastiff mix was rescued by the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue after he was found on a patch of grass on Detroit’s west side with serious injuries. When they got to him, his injuries were so bad, and Freddie was in so much pain, that he couldn’t move by himself.

Even Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, who are experts in rescuing homeless dogs, have never seen injuries to the extent of Freddie’s. Detroit Pit Crew Rescue’s Theresa Sumpter said, “I have never, ever, ever rescued a live animal that had that many maggots on him. We couldn’t visually see him, but we could smell him before we found him.”


Here is Freddie when he was first picked up.

Freddie was so savagely attacked that his neck resembled a hamburger!

There were gaping wounds and countless gashes all over his body from goodness knows how many bite wounds.

Even Freddie’s poor face, neck, and chest were badly bruised from whatever attacks he had endured.


Freddie had every reason to look sorry for himself! He was treated by staff at the Center Line Veterinary Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. This poor little boy also had tests that revealed he had heartworm; he so badly needs to be loved and looked after so he can get back to full health.

Freddie is on the mend and looking a little better, but he has an incredibly long road to recovery. Here he is cuddling with some stuffed toys for company. Don’t you want to climb in and give Freddie some cuddles in their place?

And here he is getting his appetite back and making friends — we wish you a speedy recovery, Freddie!



The Worldwide Health Organization says there are more than 200 million animals around the world without homes. Organizations like Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue specialize in rescuing Pit Bull breeds, and they and others continue to help homeless animals big and small, no matter how badly they are injured.


Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue does fantastic work to rescue dogs like Freddie, so please consider donating if you can.

Image Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue