You won’t believe your eyes after you see the transformation of the most recent Hope for Paws rescue, Alice. As with all their rescues, it all started with a call from a compassionate animal lover, just like you. The caller informed Eldad and Loreta of a small dog who had come into contact with acid, leaving chemical burns on the dog’s mouth. They drove for two hours to get to the desert location.

Upon arrival, it was clear that Alice had chemical burns, was emaciated, tick-infested, and matted beyond belief. Sadly, her problems didn’t end there – after a trip to the vet, it was discovered she was also suffering from anemia, a heart murmur, and more. Alice was lucky to have ended up with the incredible team at Hope for Paws.


Loreta fostered Alice, making sure she received the best care possible and understood what it meant to be loved. After only a week with Loreta, the difference was amazing, and Alice looked and acted like a new dog!

After several months, a Hope for Paws alum took Alice in to live with them and their other Hope for Paws adoptee, Fiona. Finally, Alice had a family to call her own who would cherish her forever. Look how beautiful she turned out after only six months in her new home — it’s truly a Cinderella story!

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