Osiris the three-year-old Dutch Shepherd is a therapy dog who lives in Chicago. But this isn’t the most amazing factoid about little Osiris. No, this special dog also just happens to be best friends with a rat named Riff Rat.

While they might seem like an unlikely pairing, this adorable duo just further proves the fact that friendship can transcend the presumed barrier of species.


Many people might also be surprised to see a rat being kept as a pet, however, these little animals actually make wonderful companions. Like dogs, rats love to snuggle and learn tricks. Aside from the very apparent size difference, Riff Rat and Osiris actually share many things in common.

“When we sit like this, you can barely tell us apart! Right?”

Had a tough day at work? Let’s snuggle about it.

Not only do Osiris and Riff Rat share a human, but they also share toys.

…and kisses…

“You got a lil’ something on your chin. Don’t worry, I got it!”

“What should we do today, Riff Rat? Pose angelically until mom takes a picture…done.”

The true test of friendship: checking your BFF’s nose for boogers.

They might not be your standard best friend pairing, but there is no denying the incredible bond these two share!

Keep on kissing, friends!


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All image source: Osiris+RiffRat/Instagram