For homeless dogs, every day is a struggle. There is little shelter, food, and most are completely ignored by those around them. This was the case for Zoe and Little Meadow, a mother Chihuahua and puppy who were living inside of a trash bin at a construction site. Thankfully, there are some incredible rescue teams, like Hope For Paws, who work tirelessly to help and heal broken animals who have been left to fend for themselves on the streets. Thanks to the Hope for Paws team, these two fur babies will never know the inside of a trash bin again.

Within moments of receiving a call on the Hope For Paws Emergency hotline, the team sped out to try and find the little ones, who had been living under a truck.

They discovered the pair hiding inside of a blue trash bin, nervous and terrified of humans.

To help gain their trust, rescuers fed them bits of cheeseburger in an attempt to coax them out.

Rescuers were able to get a leash around mother Zoe and helped calm her with gentle pets. She soon realized that they were there to help her, not hurt her.

After 30 minutes, the two pups finally came out of their protected box and joined their rescuers.

Once they got in the car, both dogs completely relaxed. Maybe they knew that they were on their way to a better life!

Now back at the Hope For Paws shelter, Zoe and Meadow will be given all the love and care they need to be adopted into their forever homes.



Sadly, there are millions of homeless pets just like Zoe and Meadow in need of loving homes. You can be a hero for these animals by always opting to adopt and not shop when considering bringing a four-legged friend into your life. You can also help incredible rescue teams such as Hope For Paws, by supporting their efforts. Visit their website here.

All image source: Hope For Paws/Flickr