When it comes to eating less dairy, one of the things that keeps most people from taking the plunge, is that little addiction we don’t even regard as an addiction, the foodstuff millions have professed love for, the comfort food of all comfort foods: cheese. Cheese is crack. No, seriously, have you read the news in the last year? Your brain can’t get enough of this stuff, it literally thinks cheese is a drug. Luckily, the vegan cheese movement has expanded ten-fold in the past few years, and we are seeing some impressive strides being made in this plant-based category.

Say goodbye to shredded cheese that falls off the pizza while you’re eating. Give a big wave adios to cheese with a slight almost chemically aftertaste. The vegan cheese revolution has begun and one of the companies leading the pack is Miyoko’s Kitchen. Her “cultured nut product” as she’s coined it, has gotten rave reviews from critics and consumers, and her vegan butter even won Expo West’s coveted Nexty award. As with any good product, we’re not just imagining how this delicious mozz will taste on its own. Quite the contrary… Since it’s big debut, we’ve done nothing but daydream about all the dishes we’re going to stuff with this thing! Let the cheese infiltration of 2016 begin!!!


Here are some of our top picks:

1. Pizza … DUH

Pizza. What a love affair. For many years, pizza was what kept me in the vegetarian sphere, unable to truly see myself as a vegan. No more late night dollar slices? I couldn’t imagine the day. Miyoko’s mozzarella, however, has stolen my heart!

It bubbles and browns. It melts and oozes. This cheese was meant for pizza like a pig was meant for mud. So, go ahead! Drop obscene dollops on top of your pizza, stuff it into crusts, and even add some cold shreds on top of your slice right before you devour it! We won’t judge ya.

2. All the Vegetables. 



There’s something really satisfying about taking a seemingly plain vegetable, that yes, would taste pretty good on its own and may be healthy on its own, and STUFFING IT WITH CHEESE. Suddenly, mushroom caps are little pockets of cheesy surprise, stuffed peppers are exhilarating (what is in there?!), and don’t even get us started on making an eggplant cheese boat. We are ready to take these vegetables to a whole different level. Stuffed peppers with quinoa, black beans, and mozzarella cheese? Don’t need to ask us twice.

3. Mozzarella Sticks!!! 


What was this cheese made for, if not mozzarella sticks? Dipping fried sticks of heaven into marinara sauce and then biting into it and having a total lady and the tramp moment every time, is so enjoyable partly because of the deliciousness, and partly because it’s just so darn fun. We’ve been waiting for the opportunity to truly bring back the joy of eating the deconstructed pizza of sorts that is the mozzarella sticks, and with Miyoko’s new cheese, now we can.


There are tons of other recipes we can see including Miyoko’s new vegan mozzarella cheese in, but we’d be here all day if we included them all. So please feel free to stray from this list and get creative! We now live in a world with yummy, melt-able, vegan mozzarella cheese. What a time to be alive.

Image Source: Miyoko’s Kitchen