If there’s anything that we love, it’s animals. Big or small, young or old, able-bodied or not — all animals are precious. Rexie the cat is extra special. Due to his broken backbone, he’s lost the use of his back legs, but that doesn’t mean that getting around is a problem. His guardian has equipped this little beauty with a custom pink wheelchair that he uses on all his cat adventures. When he’s not looking pretty in pink (seriously, take a gander at that beautiful face), this kitty still manages to scale whatever furniture in the house he can, from chairs to his favorite cat scratch post.

He has an incredible eye for style.

This fashion-forward kitty also lives with several ferret friends. Martini, pictured below, is his favorite cuddle buddy.

But, it’s not all about the cuddles. Sometimes, Martini just likes to be close to his cat friend.

He’s also pretty good pals with the other ferret in the house, Keanu. They hang out sometimes.

…and yes, they also cuddle.

Rexie also loves climbing to new heights.

Once he’s satisfied with where he is, he sits like a human.

He hobbies also include hanging out in the ferret hammock…

Looking pretty….

…and like all cats, enjoying a good box.



We can’t get enough of everything about Rexie, from his fashionable attire to the snapshots of him simply chilling around the house with his ferret friends. He’s a shining example of how an animal doesn’t need to be able-bodied in order to have a full and happy life. If you’re considering welcoming a pet into your life, please consider adopting a disabled cat like Rexie.

To see more adorable photos of Rexie in his day-to-day life, check out his official Instagram. Stay beautiful, Rexie.
All image source: ferrecats/Instagram