Animals and humans are certainly different. We don’t look the same, we speak different languages, and we have our own ways of living, but we do all share one thing in common: a desire to live.

Meet “Nong Dam,” a brave dog who was sadly hit by a car and suffered a broken spine. When they found him, Elephant Nature Park Dogs, a sanctuary for rescued dogs in Thailand, considered euthanizing Nong Dam because they thought he was fully paralyzed. The pup seemed so apathetic, lost, and full of pain, a recovery looked out of sight. But Elephant Nature Park Dogs didn’t give up on Nong Dam and he didn’t give up either. With lots of love and time, he learned to stand, then eventually walk, and he even learned to run again! Nong Dam will now have a forever home at Elephant Nature Park Dogs where they will continue to spoil him.

To learn more about Elephant Nature Park Dogs and to read other rescue stories, visit their Facebook page. And please share Nong Dam’s story with your friends and family to show them how all animals deserve our compassion!