You know a story on Facebook is going to be a good one when the first word you read is “wigglebutt.” Well, the wigglebutt in question is Violet, a sweetheart of a dog who her rescuers Camp Cocker Rescue feared would never be adopted.

Violet was rescued by Camp Cocker Rescue from the Baldwin Park, CA animal shelter, and it was feared that she would not be able to walk. When she was checked over, an MRI revealed she had suffered some type of trauma to her spinal cord. Violet’s only hope was long-term physical therapy along with a lot of care and attention. Violet now has a custom wheel cart for going on long walks, and with all her hard work, she has worked up to going on short wobbly walks without her cart.


Violet needs daily nursing care, her bladder has to be manually expressed, and she needs special food to support her bladder because of this. She also has chronic bladder infections, which means regular bladder cultures to check which anti-biotics she needs to make her better. Through no fault of her own, all these medical conditions mean Violet is a very high-maintenance dog indeed!

Thankfully, Violet’s rescue story continues to be a happy one. Nami, Violet’s physical therapist, was unable to resist Violet’s beautiful character and how well she got used to her wheel cart. Nami decided to foster Violet permanently, and they go on wonderful adventures together!

Violet is currently enjoying her summer holidays and recently took a trip to visit her best friend Crispy.

Rescuers believed her disability would have put many a prospective adopter off … well, these pictures show how much love she has to give despite that disability. Looking at Violet here, it’s impossible not to fall in love!

Violet may not be able to walk far or for very long on her own, but Nami carries her around on her back on her adventures so that Violet gets to experience them as well.


Violet is a generous dog who is very aware of her good fortune. If there are months when Violet doesn’t use all of her donations, she passes them to the other dogs in Camp Cocker Rescue’s Forever Foster home program, in the hope they can have as good a life as hers.


Adopting a dog is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dogs are social animals that need our company, and those who have been through shelter systems generally need all the more love for the things they have been through. We see so many pictures of dogs before and after their rescues that it is impossible to think of how much we have to give these animals to make their lives better. Adopted dogs are appreciative of their new owners and their forever homes, knowing they are going to be taken care of in ways they have possibly never experienced before.

To donate to the cost of Violet’s medical care, take a look at the Camp Cocker Rescue‘s Facebook page.

Image Source: Camp Cocker Rescue