Denver, the Internet’s favorite guilty dog, is at it again. The world fell in love with Denver a few years ago when a video of his reaction to being caught in the kitty treats went viral. And it turns out, Denver can’t help but get in trouble. This time, Denver decided to mess with Christmas. He got a hold of a foam Christmas tree ornament, destroyed it and then, to make matters worst … jumped on the couch.

Though we could’ve given Denver the benefit of the doubt and assume it was one of his animal siblings who did the damage, this is one dog that cannot lie. As soon as Denver’s Dad asked “who did this,” Denver was all adorably goofy, guilty smiles.

Denver’s Dad seems like the softy of the family. Denver sounds like he is going to have some explaining to do when his Mom gets home. His red-tinted lips (stained from the ornament) are going to be Denver’s puppy downfall when it comes to Mom.