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It is unbelievably disturbing what some heartless people are capable of doing to animals. A one-year-old poodle was recently found with his snout tied shut with a rubber band and was believed to be in that state for weeksAfter a concerned citizen made a report, the poor dog was rushed to the vet, who named him Ricky.

Dr. Cynthia Kinney at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California is the veterinarian who treated Ricky. She said Ricky’s condition was “One of the most severe injuries like this that I’ve seen, very badly infected wound, a rubber band penetrated all the way through and basically cut through all the tissue of Ricky’s muzzle, I could see the bone … He had to be in severe pain, not to mention the infection, and he was starving, literally starving.” Ricky was also near death from blood poisoning, but he has thankfully made a recovery and will be ready for adoption in the near future. Dr. Kinney says the sweet dog has expressed much gratitude for being rescued and is expected to recover from all injuries.


A petition has been set up on Care2 to demand justice for Ricky. Please take a moment to add your name to the petition here.

Animal abuse should never be taken lightly. Animal abusers are dangerous individuals who are threats to society, and much evidence directly links animal abuse to other violent crimes. Animal abusers are five times more likely to commit an act of violence against humans, and as the petition‘s author points out, a study analyzing seven school shootings from 1997-2001 revealed all shooters had a history of abusing animals.

If not for the Good Samaritan who reported Ricky’s condition to authorities, the dying dog would have soon perished in pure agony from starvation or blood poisoning. If you ever suspect an animal is being abused, do not hesitate to contact authorities. Your intervention can save another innocent life like Ricky’s.

Ricky’s abuser has yet to be identified, so PLEASE share this with your network to help track down this dangerous criminal. If you have any information regarding this heinous crime, or if you would like to donate to Ricky’s recovery fund, you can contact the Inland Valley Humane Society here.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Fox 11 Los Angeles