Moko, a lamb living at the Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, received a gift that has completely changed his life. Thanks to his human family, he was able to get a pair of prosthetics that make it possible for him to walk as if he had all his four legs intact. Moko is fine for now, but his carers are determined to get him set for life by purchasing prosthetics that he will use as he grows – and to do that, they started a fundraiser that has been already generously donated to by many kind-hearted people.

Before he was brought to the sanctuary, Moko had suffered frostbite that resulted in his losing the bottom parts of his hind legs.

To give him the absolute best life he can have, his carers decided to get the lamb prosthetics from the leader in animal orthopedics.

The sanctuary was given the opportunity to get a set of five prosthetics to accommodate Moko’s growth at a very discounted rate if paid upfront. In less than 12 hours after launching the fundraiser, the sanctuary managed to raise almost half of its $6,200 goal!

The company Bionic Pets produced the first pair of “super legs” for Moko – who is called the sanctuary’s “little superhero.”

“Seeing this boy walk with spunk for the first time was one of the most magical and special moments we’ve experienced,” they said.


The sanctuary is only around $1,500 short of achieving its goal. If they get to the goal in the next three days, they will be able to buy the rest of the set for an extremely discounted price. Every dollar counts – and so does every time Moko’s story and fundraiser are shared, making more people know about the little lamb and the incredible act of kindness and love of his caretakers.

To donate to or share Moko’s fundraiser, click here.

All image source: Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary/Facebook