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Every day, One Green Planet brings you today’s top news. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up!

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1. Qatar Bans Eating Insects Saying They Are Not Halal

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health has banned eating insects, saying that they are not halal and should not be eaten.

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2. Father Asked Reddit if He is Wrong For Prioritizing His Son’s Dog Over Wife’s Pregnancy

A father posted on Reddit to ask if he was wrong for refusing to rehome his teenage son’s dog despite his new wife’s insistence.

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3. Gordon Ramsay Opens New Restaurant with 60% Meat-Free Menu

Gordon Ramsay has opened a new location of his Hell’s Kitchen chain in Washington D.C. and 60 percent of the menu is said to be meat-free.

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4. The Ozone Layer Is Back on Track to Recover and Help Avoid Global Warming

The Ozone layer, which protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, is on track to recovery. This is great news for the planet, as it helps protect us from skin cancer and cataracts and plays a crucial role in avoiding global warming.

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5. Canadian Sanctuary Holding Animal Art Auction to Raise Money For Supplies

The Farmhouse Garden Animal Home in Uxbridge is holding an Animal Art Auction to raise money for food, bedding, and veterinary services for their animals.

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6. Rottweiler Goes Viral For Playing With Favorite Toy: Large 80-Inch Cardboard Box

Watch what happens when this human gives their rottweiler an 80-inch cardboard box to destroy, which happens to be his favorite thing to do.

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7. Perovskite: The Miracle Material Revolutionizing Sustainable Energy

Scientists have discovered a new way to convert plastic and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels using a “miracle material” called perovskite. Perovskite is a mineral with unique optical and electronic properties, making it a promising material for solar cells and other energy applications. In a recent study, researchers found that using perovskite could convert plastic and carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid fuel that users can use to power cars and other vehicles.

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8. Climate Change is Cooking up a Storm for Marine Parasites, New Study Finds

Climate change is causing the oceans to warm up, and this is having a big impact on the tiny creatures that live in the sea. A recent study has found that warming oceans are destroying marine parasites, and this could have serious consequences for the entire ocean ecosystem.

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