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1. Rescue Dog Extremely Cautious of New Cat Friend

A rescue dog named Badger has gone viral after a TikTok video showing his reaction to meeting a cat for the first time. The hilarious TikTok was shared by @camilleandthedogs and quickly racked up over 8 million views.

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2. 15 Aquariums Team Up to Save Endangered Zebra Sharks from Extinction

A global effort is underway to save endangered baby zebra sharks and reintroduce them to the wild. The slow-moving sharks have nearly disappeared from the waters of Raja Ampat, an archipelago in the West Papua province of Indonesia, due to overfishing. To combat this issue, 15 aquariums from around the world have teamed up to raise zebra sharks and release them back into the ocean through a process of “rewilding”.

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3. Growing Mushrooms Next to Trees Could Feed Millions and Mitigate Climate change, New Study Find

Growing mushrooms alongside trees could provide a nutritious food source for millions of people while mitigating the effects of Climate change, according to a recent study by scientists at the University of Stirling. The research highlights the potential of cultivating edible ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in forests to sequester carbon, reduce the need for deforestation, and incentivize tree planting.

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4. Paws Up for Spain’s New Animal Welfare Law!

In a historic move, Spanish lawmakers have passed a new animal welfare law, which includes reforms to the penal code to increase prison sentences for those who mistreat animals. The law marks an important step towards protecting the welfare of domestic animals in Spain and will require “compulsory” training for dog owners, who will also be prohibited from leaving their dogs alone for more than 24 hours. It also makes the sterilization of cats compulsory, except on farms, in order to prevent abandonment and overpopulation.

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5. How One Company Is Turning What Would Have Been Wasted Food Into Renewable Treasure

Divert, a Massachusetts-based food waste reduction company is taking the farm-to-table concept one step further by transforming wasted food into renewable energy. With the help of anaerobic digesters, Divert captures methane from discarded food and converts it into low-carbon natural gas that can be used to meet energy demands. The company provides retail food waste solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

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6. Exotic Animals in Japanese Cafes: The Cute and the Controversial

Animal cafes have become increasingly popular in Japan, with customers flocking to these establishments to pet and observe exotic animals like owls and hedgehogs up close. However, a recent study by institutions including France’s Sorbonne University and the non-governmental organization Traffic found that 60 percent of these animal cafes contain species that are restricted by international trade laws. The study also raises concerns that these cafes may not only threaten animal Conservation but also increase the risk of animal-borne diseases.

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7. Your Gut Microbiome Could be The Key to of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Are you tired of being tired? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a perplexing ailment that’s been on the rise, and new research suggests your gut microbiome might be the missing piece to this mysterious puzzle. With an uptick in CFS cases following the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are exploring the connection between the gut microbiome and the debilitating disease known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). Buckle up as we dive into this fascinating research that could open new doors to diagnosing and treating this enigmatic illness.

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8. Experts Warn That Rich Country’s Climate Intervention Could Backfire

The idea of blocking the sun’s rays as a way to combat Climate change is gaining traction, but experts warn of the broad and potentially inequitable impacts of solar geoengineering. While limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth could rapidly cool the planet, it would not address other climate harms caused by burning fossil fuels. Furthermore, it is uncertain how solar radiation management (SRM) would affect weather patterns around the globe, and different regions could be impacted in different ways.

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