Most living beings who meet the business end of a .40 caliber weapon would not live to tell the tale. Most living beings aren’t Curtis the Pit Bull.

Curtis was discovered by jail personnel when he wandered onto a women’s prison yard in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. Seeing the pup’s apparent bullet wounds, the guard immediately arranged for the dog to be rushed to Villalobos Rescue Center. The caring staff there recognized the severity of Curtis’s situation and hurried him to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital where a veterinarian jumped into action to save his life.


A shelter employee took Curtis to the hospital in the back of her van.


The bullet broke Curtis’s shoulder as it tore through his body, finding an exit at the back of his head. As if things couldn’t get worse, Curtis also tested positive for heart worm while under the vet’s care. Seriously, if there ever was a magnet for bad luck, the argument could be made that Curtis personifies it.

Vet techs prepared him for surgery.


With the help of the rescue and the skilled attention of the medical staff, Curtis pulled through! Treatments for both his injury and the heart worm have been able to provide this sweet little guy with a positive prognosis. Thanks to their hard work, he has a second chance at life and a chance at finding a loving forever home after his recovery.


A gentle soul, Curtis fell asleep without the need for tranquilizers under the kind care of the animal hospital. 


Why anyone would choose to shoot a dog in the back (or anywhere) defies explanation. While Curtis’s assailant remains a mystery, the focus here is definitely on the amazing work of all the people who made his recovery possible.

Seriously, just look at that face?

We’re so happy you’re going to be okay, Curtis!



All image source: Villalobos Rescue Center/Facebook