Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that these animals have very little understanding of “boundaries.” If you pour yourself a glass of water and leave it unguarded, you can expect them to come over and dip their paws in just for kicks. Forget trying to air dry your freshly cleaned laundry because your cat will see the clothing rack as an awesome new jungle gym … and promptly knock all your damp clothing onto the dirty floor. What can we say, it’s a cat’s world, we’re just living in it.

Given the brazen curiosity of the cats in our lives, we can’t say we’re too surprised by the actions of the tiny kitten in this video. When the cat spots a photographer setting up for the perfect shot, he takes it upon himself to help out. We love how this cat seems to have zero reservations with getting all up close and personal with this man. Well, boundaries are just made for cats to break them we guess!